About Experiences with Language: 

Experiences with Language is a blog primarily about my relationship with different words or parts of language. This includes discussions of cultural context surrounding words, stories of learning or making up new words, discussion and advice on all things writerly, or just exploring ideas relating to language and literature.

The blog is usually updated on Monday evenings.

About the Author: 

I’m Lena Gluck. I’m a writer, a poet, an assistant librarian, and a sometimes-teacher for the Young Authors Academy at the Downtown Writer’s Center in Syracuse, New York.

The blog started because I obsess over words a bit more than I probably should. I find myself repeating them in the middle of the night and writing them out on scraps of paper. I enjoy exploring how language shapes my life and our world.

My good friend Cass gave me the title for this blog. She’s over at whatwesaveblog.wordpress.com writing about knickknacks, anthropology, and life.

I tend to get ideas for this blog from conversations with my friends and family, but if you have any words or aspects of language you’d like to see me write about, feel free to comment.

You can find me on Twitter here: @LenaGluck

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